KingCoffee is a young and ambitious company that provides total solutions for the use of coffee and related products.

We take pride in using a growing percentage of coffee beans from Suriname, which helps contribute to the further development of the country. Additionally, KingCoffee employs people who have limited access to the job market, making them a socially responsible company.

Our coffee and other products are used in Suriname, the Netherlands, and a growing part of the Caribbean, serving customers in the hospitality industry, businesses, consumers, and government. KingCoffee is becoming increasingly popular in the national and international coffee market.


Our products can compete with the big, well-known brands, while offering better conditions, more affordable prices, and personalized service. They offer a fair price for quality and good service. They offer the sharpest prices, a choice between beans and/or instant coffee, personalized packaging options with logos/names, and a focus on socially responsible business practices.The company provides a free quote based on important factors like:

  • Price – how important is a competitive price to you, we offer the best prices.
  • Taste  a choice of beans and/or instant coffee?
  • Location – where and how many dispensing points are desired?
  • Variety – which options such as fresh milk and/or cocoa preparations?
  • Capacity – what is the consumption and intensity?
  • Private label – personalized packaging with logo/name
  • Sustainability – what role does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) play in this choice?


Do you want to create your own blend of roasted coffee beans? Do you want to determine the strength of your coffee? Especially for you, we have included a wide range of raw coffee beans. With our extensive assortment of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. These raw coffee beans, also known as green coffee beans, are imported from different countries and have unique flavors. Roast your own coffee beans fresh or mix different types of raw coffee beans together for the ideal taste.

In addition to the original raw coffee beans, also known as the Single Origins, you also have a choice of different types of coffee beans. The raw coffee beans are also available in different flavors, such as chocolate, mocha and vanilla. Needless to say, our decaf and organic raw coffee beans are very popular. In addition to the coffee beans being ridiculously delicious, you’ll also enjoy your delicious coffee very responsibly. Feel free to contact us and ask about our extensive range.


Since 2017, KingCoffee has its own 100% Virgin coffee label in addition to mobile coffee carts. With a network in the "forgotten" areas in South America (Suriname) and Africa (Kenya), we can directly purchase from local farmers, ensuring that our beans are slave-free, fresh, and free of unnecessary pesticides.

For Kenya and Suriname, major traders do not enter the coffee market directly due to the political climate, despite the good quality of coffee. The coffee purchased by the "big" players in Kenya is traded through intermediaries, forcing local farmers to deliver coffee under poor conditions and at usurious rates. 

KingCoffee takes on the "forgotten" areas by investing in attention to farmers and their plantations and establishing local businesses under "Dutch" control. We seize a large niche that is currently not being exploited. Both the government and farmers in Kenya and Suriname are happy to work with direct buyers and benefit from reducing or eliminating intermediaries. Stable prices, prospects for farmers and for KingCoffee.


KingCoffee buys its own coffee and supplies it to coffee processors, hotels, hospitality, businesses, consumers and of course its own coffee carts. This is all part of the strategy to build a recognizable and fair trade brand.




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